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  • ActiPatch®
    Advanced Long Lasting Relief

    Clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation. Stop suffering with chronic pain, use ActiPatch® to get back to living pain free.

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  • Discover how ActiPatch® can help you get back to doing the things you love.

    ActiPatch® is clinically proven to safely and effectively reduce pain and inflammation better than traditional pain medications.

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  • Real Pain Relief.
    Try it and feel the results.

    Provides long lasting pain relief. Wearable 24/7 to help heal your pain quickly.

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    • Rediscover the joys
      of living pain free:

      ActiPatch can be used for back, knee, foot, heel, shoulder, and wrist pain.

    • ActiPatch heals:

      Chronic pain, muscle soreness, sprains and strains, sports injuries, back pain and spasms.

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7 day sample
Heel Pain Relief.

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ActiPatch® Back Pain Relief

The ActiPatch® Back Pain Relief Therapy product can be used on your lower and upper back to reduce chronic & acute pain and inflammation including lower back pain, backaches, arthritis, and much more.


ActiPatch® Knee Pain Relief

The ActiPatch® Knee Pain Relief Therapy product can be used on your knees to reduce chronic and acute pain and inflammation including runners knee, jumpers knee, tendinitis, arthritis and general knee pain.


ActiPatch® Adhesive Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

The new ActiPatch® Muscle & Joint Pain Relief can be used on multiple locations on your body using medical adhesives to reduce pain and inflammation. This product is great for your back, hips, neck, shoulders, and many other areas.


Smart Insole™ Heel Pain Relief

The Smart Insole™ has a combination of advanced Electro-Pulse technology and comfortable gel insoles providing maximum heel pain relief therapy. Clinically proven to safely reduce heel pain including plantar fasciitis, heel injuries, sore heels, sprains & strains.


How ActiPatch® Works

ActiPatch® is an award winning drug-free micro medical device that uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. This therapy is clinically proven effective and safe and has been used for decades by physicians and physiotherapists. Advances in microelectronics have made it possible to deliver clinically proven and superior extended duration therapy in a small, convenient and economical ActiPatch® device for a personal extended use.


What will I feel?

Only better! You will not feel heat nor will you feel the low level energy that is gently pulsed into the cells to heal damaged tissue. For maximum relief wear the ActiPatch continuously for 24 hours a day until healed, minimum 8 hours or overnight. Center the device over the source of your pain and wear the ActiPatch® until your pain and swelling are gone. The patented technology is specifically designed to deliver healing therapy without any sensation whatsoever to maximize your comfort and convenience.


Is ActiPatch® Safe?

Yes! ActiPatch® is drug free and has no side effects. ActiPatch® can be worn by diabetics, arthritics, the elderly and bedridden. Over 500,000 products sold worldwide with no adverse effects. The technology has been used for decades in hospitals and clinics by physicians and physiotherapists to help patients recover faster. The ActiPatch® technology is small enough to be available to you at your home or on the go.


Advantages of ActiPatch®

• EFFECTIVE: Clinically proven pain and inflammation relief at the source. 5x better than traditional pain medications.• LONG LASTING: 720 hours of action with On/Off switch.• SAFE: Safe for diabetics, arthritics, & the elderly. Over 500,000 products sold worldwide with no adverse effects.

Why wait? Order ActiPatch® today to start healing your pain drug-free.

ActiPatch Pulse-Electromagnetic Therapy Heals Pain.

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Customer testimonials

testimonial “I had some plantar facitis pain for several months, used the acti patch and after the second day, I noticed less pain. Going on a week now and the tightness in the plantar is almost dissipated. Can't wait until I get up in the morning with no pain. Non invasive and reasonably priced and serves its purpose well.”

- Phil D.

testimonial “I am a contractor in Iraq and I hurt my hand doing my work. I did wear one of those wrist braces for a little bit but that was annoying so I ordered the wrist patch to see if it could help. Well a long story short it worked great and I stopped wear anything. One issue I have is the construction of the patch is a tad cheap but not anything too bad but this is a review and thats the only thing I noticed ”

- JC. Curtis

testimonial “"I had a knot in my upper shoulder that was causing me great pain, to the point where I could not turn around. I tried ibuprofen and other OTC pain relievers to no avail. I applied ActiPatch and 24 hours later the pain was gone.”

- Patrick H.